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  • 17.05.2016

    No privatisation of life

    No patent on our tomatoes!

    A few weeks ago a European-wide coalition of NGOs launched a mass opposition against a patent held by the Swiss agrochemical company Syngenta on tomatoes produced by conventional breeding.

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  • 12.05.2016

    We are pissed off!

    MEPs test positive for glyphosate

    Last month, the Green group in the European Parliament took the initiative of inviting colleague MEPs to have their urine tested for residues of the herbicide glyphosate. The results of this...

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  • Food campaign - The Greens/EFA in the EP

    Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

    Issue n°19 April 2016

    GREEN INSIGHT INTO EU FOOD POLICYGlyphosate: Will the Commission finally listen to the call to end glyphosate use?Unfair trading practices in food supply chain: The "New Alliance for Food...

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  • 12.04.2016


    extending its authorisation is anti-democratic and goes against the common interest

    The European Parliament will tomorrow vote a non-binding resolution opposing the renewal of the license for the controversial weedkiller glyphosate.

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Seven Reasons To Ban Glyphosate

It's Time To Stand Up To Monsanto!

What is glyphosate, and why should you be worried about it? Glyphosate is a chemical used in herbicides such as Monsanto's Roundup and recently became the most used agricultural chemical of all time. Despite this, there's a good chance you won't have heard of it, and the chemical giants would probably be...

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Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n°17 January 2016

On 20th January, the European Parliament, following the initiative by Greens/EFA MEP Keith Taylor, voted to reject draft EU rules on baby food, which would have allowed baby foods to contain far higher levels of sugar than those recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Food campaign - The Greens/EFA in the EP

Court decision on endocrine disrupters

uncovering the Commission’s failure to act

The EU Court of Justice just gave its ruling in Sweden’s case against the Commission with regard to the Commission's failure to act to adopt criteria for endocrine disrupters (EDCs). In January 2015, The Council and the...

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GMO authorisation

Scandalous authorisation of GM maize underlines need to overhaul EU approval procedure

The European Parliament voted to object to a decision by the European Commission to authorise a new glyphosate-resistant GM maize variety (NK603 x T25) for use in the EU. Commenting after the vote, Green food safety spokesperson Bart Staes said: “In objecting to the authorisation...

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Pesticides néonicotinoïdes

Une nouvelle étude démontre que le moratoire européen doit devenir une interdiction permanente

Une récente étude de la Royal Holloway University of London vient de démontrer pour la première fois un impact direct d’un pesticide néonicotinoïde sur la pollinisation (1). Selon les résultats de cette étude, les colonies...

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CC-A Louise Docker

Novel Foods

Greens won't mess with citizens' health and freedom of choice

Novel food is defined as food that has not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU prior to 1997, when the first Regulation on novel food came into force. For the Greens/EFA, this weak definition should be improved.

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GMOs - Join the food revolution

Organic farming rules

MEPs vote to boost sustainability and credibility of organic farming

The European Parliament's agriculture committee today voted on draft new EU rules on organic farming. The vote sets out parliament's position and paves the way for trilogue negotiations with EU governments, with a view to finalising the legislation. Commenting after the...

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